Best Perks for Harley Quinn - MultiVersus Guide

Best Perks for Harley Quinn - MultiVersus Guide
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Here are the best perks for Harley Quinn in MultiVersus. The perks below will give you the upper hand in the platform fighter.

The famous henchwoman of Joker is among the most iconic characters in MultiVersus. From Shaggy to Jake the Dog, the new fighting game brings characters across fictional universes to start the rumble. We even have LeBron James in the character roster of the game.

As the princess of chaos, she continues to trick her enemies with great moves in the stages of the new Warner Bros. game. She is one of those characters with movesets that are easy to learn but hard to master. In this guide, we will be focusing on her amazing moves and how Harley Quinn plays in the hit platform fighter.

What are the best perks for Harley Quinn?

Before we proceed with the best perks for Gotham's princess, it is important to note that perks come in two different categories. MultiVersus separates perks into two, Signature and Universal. Signature Perks are character-specific, meaning that they can only be used by that character only. The latter, on the other hand, is available to all characters in MultiVersus.

And for the best perks for Harley Quinn, you can simply go with the following perks list.

Signature Perk: Smooth Moves

For Harley's Signature Perk, we suggest going with Smooth Moves as it encourages the trickster playstyle of the character. If you want to move around faster and place traps everywhere, Smooth Moves is the right perk for Gotham's cruel princess. It turns the air and ground specials of the character into dodges, making Harley Quinn almost invincible.

We also have Confetti Explosion Signature Perk as an alternative. It simply causes an explosion after Harley reaches max stacks. Instead of igniting, the confetti explosion throws enemies into the air. If you are looking for a perk that offers instant effect, you can also try out Confetti Explosion and come up with your own playstyle.

Best Universal Perks for Harley Quinn

Perk 1 - Coffeezilla: One of the most effective perks in MultiVersus is Coffeezilla. This Universal Perk reduces the cooldown times of abilities by 10%.

Perk 2 - Speed Force Assist: Speed Force Assist is one of the best Utility Perks in MultiVersus. It provides a 4% boost to the base movement speed for you and your teammate.

Perk 3 - Triple Jump: This one is a great perk for Harley Quinn as it offers an extra jump in the air. This is a crucial boost as the playstyle of the character favors aerial combat. That's why an extra jump is significant. Moreover, it gives this ability to your teammate as well, allowing them to come up with different attacks after hitting the enemy once.


There is no doubt that Harley Quinn is one of the best characters in MultiVersus. The wild and trickster queen of Gotham surely offers various playstyles to eliminate her opponents.

For a more general build, the perks we have listed above should serve you great in your future fighting endeavors in MultiVersus.