+200 Best V Rising Vampire Character and Clan Names

+200 Best V Rising Vampire Character and Clan Names
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Here are the best V Rising character names. Have a look at the massive list of name ideas for your vampire clan as well.

V Rising offers an amazing formula of survival and action elements. Stunlock Studios' new action-survival title invites players to take the role of awakened vampires. After waking up from their long slumber, they must create their clans and fortify their domain on Vardoran. Because the land of mortals is filled with beasts and creatures that could bring the end of the vampire kin.

You need to create a band of vampires in V Rising to stop the threats of the land. Creating a clan and inviting your friends will also help you fight against other vampire factions in multiplayer mode.

Venture forth into the bloody land of Vardoran with your friends. But before that, make sure your mortal enemies fear your name before you face them. Here's a great list of amazing names for your clan and character in V Rising.

Best Vampire Character Names for V Rising

The names below are inspired by various other games that introduce vampires in their plots. These suggestions are best for those who want to go with a name that is inspired by works of fantasy. Scroll down for modern vampire character names.

  1. Vartrus
  2. Caexus
  3. Realith
  4. Arezan
  5. Urdieth
  6. Vance
  7. Zaxos
  8. Faerus
  9. Retalicus
  10. Maxirus
  11. Varodanus
  12. Vald
  13. Leorold
  14. Larce
  15. Gerthrid
  16. Dematius
  17. Jedreaih
  18. Ranuth
  19. Krulaian
  20. Veratus
  21. Rhalmir
  22. Narith
  23. Caelib
  24. Cain
  25. Sanguirus
  26. Sangixus
  27. Bloodemar
  28. Kanaxus
  29. Leandros
  30. Perexus
  31. Romulus
  32. Fearix
  33. Hemarith
  34. Sanguar
  35. Sanguir
  36. Sanguilla
  37. Priscilla
  38. Leathes
  39. Xellus
  40. Lethens
  41. Liera
  42. Phorix
  43. Geraltua
  44. Gaunter
  45. Odimm
  46. Zeath
  47. Karlith
  48. Karaxus
  49. Careliah
  50. Liara
  51. larila
  52. Kerolur
  53. Krathy
  54. Zaxus
  55. Rantha

Best Modern Vampire Names for V Rising Characters

best v rising vampire clan names

The vampire names below are inspired by the characters depicted in the RPG masterpiece Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines and many other fictional works.

  1. Jeanette
  2. Karith
  3. Carnos
  4. Lazarus
  5. Deacon
  6. Circe
  7. Constantine
  8. Kayne
  9. Niles
  10. Nines
  11. Leon
  12. Judas
  13. Jereziah
  14. Nathaniel
  15. Xer
  16. Sanguin
  17. Bertram
  18. Onaddib
  19. Payke
  20. Caleb
  21. Samuel
  22. Hannibal
  23. Rolf
  24. Anton
  25. Felix
  26. Bloodimir
  27. Jorah
  28. Janus
  29. Leandro
  30. Mathias
  31. Lucretia
  32. Tabitha
  33. Voerman
  34. Jackus
  35. Jeanne
  36. Jeannine
  37. Leth
  38. Malkav
  39. Jourah
  40. Juriah
  41. Mederah
  42. Jedediah
  43. Zalmut
  44. Cairn
  45. Horace
  46. Ruth
  47. Grace
  48. Ralia
  49. Tiz
  50. Jorace

Best Vampire Clan Names for V Rising

You might want to enjoy this vampiric adventure on a server. Before you jump into the multiplayer mode, we suggest you bring your friends as well. That's because the veteran players will do their best to hunt new players. That's why you should bring your friends and create a clan in V Rising.

For that, here's a list of name ideas for your vampire clan.

  1. The Sabbat
  2. Enslavers
  3. Vampyreans
  4. Lords of Vardoran
  5. Duskborn
  6. Bloody Valentines
  7. Vampire Hearts
  8. Sanguinius
  9. Mercurians
  10. Dracullah
  11. Sons of Dracula
  12. Red Hearts
  13. Les Du Sang
  14. Ventrues
  15. Malkavius
  16. Ventrue
  17. Tremere
  18. Toreador
  19. Elysium
  20. Masquerade
  21. Gangrel
  22. Hecata
  23. Lasombra
  24. Cainites
  25. Nosferatu
  26. Kindred
  27. Ministry
  28. Tzimisce
  29. Caitiff
  30. Sanguine Hearts
  31. Vamptourage
  32. Bloody Infidels
  33. Vamperators
  34. Darkleeches
  35. Shadowcloaks
  36. Stormshrouds
  37. Harrowing Teeth
  38. Hell's Burden
  39. Carriers of V
  40. Blood Rulers
  41. The Dark Reign
  42. Red Teeth
  43. The Unbent
  44. The Unborn
  45. The Depraved
  46. No More Slumber
  47. Awakened Wrath
  48. Blood Unchained
  49. Vardoran's End
  50. Kings of Vardoran

How to create a clan in V Rising?

Players can create a clan both on a local server and an official multiplayer server. Follow the simple steps below to create a clan to invite your friends. This will allow you to see the location of your clanmates on the map as well.

best vampire clan names

Hit P to open the clan menu or simply click on the throne icon at the right.

best vampire character names for v rising

Click on Create Clan and type the name of your vampire faction. You can also write a description to inform the new clan members.

Click on Invite Player and type the character name of your friend.

After your friend accepts the invite you will see their character's icon on the map. You can promote or demote the clan members from the menu.

Best Vampire Clan Names

Feel free to use one of the names below. You can also get inspired by our suggestions or have a look at the wiki fandom of Vampire: The Masquerade. The famous World of Darkness tabletop game is great when it comes to choosing a vampire clan name for V Rising.

  1. Empyreans
  2. Vardoran's Might
  3. House of the Blood
  4. The Awakened
  5. The Suffered
  6. Tormentors
  7. Shrouds of Hell
  8. The Undeparted
  9. Exiles of Sanguine
  10. Heavenfallen
  11. The Proteans
  12. The Red Hands
  13. Duskfallen
  14. Dawnborn
  15. Oblivitators
  16. The Pure Bloods
  17. Black Knights
  18. Children of Sanguine
  19. Mighty Leeches
  20. Chaos Awakened
  21. Eternal Sanguine
  22. Vardoranian Nightmares
  23. Bat Marauders
  24. The Flock of the Death
  25. The Lustful Teeth
  26. The Bloody Tortured
  27. Hell's Reapers
  28. Grimblood
  29. Reapers of Vardoran
  30. Nightcrawlers
  31. Mystful Shadows
  32. Ancestors of Blood
  33. Darkbloods
  34. The Nighthawks
  35. The Bloody Flock
  36. Drinkers of Lazarus
  37. The Magistrate
  38. Bloodravens
  39. The Walking Tombs
  40. Wrathful Masters
  41. Bloodrealm
  42. Haunters
  43. Legion of Dawn
  44. Night's Legion
  45. Shrouds of Blood
  46. W Rising
  47. Rulers of the Night
  48. Darkrulers
  49. Vamyreans
  50. The Cullens

Well, these are some of the vampire character and vampire clan names that you can use in V Rising. We hope you have a great time in Stunlock's action-survival title.