Does Two Point Campus have cheats?

Can you cheat in Two Point Campus? Here's what you need to know about the cheats and trainers of the game.

Does Two Point Campus have cheats?
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Does Two Point Campus have cheats that can give you more resources? What are the methods to have unlimited money, energy, and happiness?

Two Point Campus is the new management sim that landed on Xbox Game Pass on August 9, 2022. Its predecessor, Two Point Hospital, invited players to take the manager role of a hospital. The new title combines the gameplay formula of Two Point series with a campus management setting.

does two point campus have cheats

While the game seems to be doing great at reviews, a great number of players are curious about Two Point Campus cheats. How to get money in the game has been one of the most asked questions since the game launched as well. In this guide, we've covered everything you need to know about the game's cheats.

Are there cheats in Two Point Campus?

No, Two Point Campus, unfortunately, does not have cheats. Like the previous title in the series, the game does not allow the player to make use of codes to increase the amount of a certain in-game currency. This means that you will not be able to use a cheat to have an unlimited amount of money in Two Point Campus, for example.

How to cheat in Two Point Campus?

While it is not possible to cheat in Two Point Campus, the management simulator does come with a different game mode that offers more freedom. For instance, it is possible to get money a lot easier by playing the game in Sandbox Mode. This mode allows you to adjust the amount of money before you start the game. You can also adjust other modifiers before starting on a new sandbox.

Here's what you can do in the sandbox mode of the game:

  • Adjusting Starting Cash to start with the maximum amount of money.
  • Setting the amount of starting Kudosh to the maximum.
  • Adjusting Income Multiplier and Monthly Allowance.
  • It is also possible to adjust Campus Modifiers like Temperature and Course Points.

While the Sandbox Mode seems like a great way to personalize your campus management experience, it does lack a few modifiers like happiness and energy. Unfortunately, it is not possible to customize these settings unless you download a trainer software from the internet. If you want to stick with this mode though, here's how to unlock the sandbox mode in the game.

How to unlock the sandbox mode in Two Point Campus?

While the Sandbox Mode offers you to chance to get more creative and experimental, you will not able to experience it without meeting some requirements. In order to unlock Sandbox Mode, you must achieve a star by completing the first levels of the game until you unlock and complete the Noblestead campus.

Can you install cheats and trainers to Two Point Campus?

Yes, trainers allow you to alter gameplay mechanics and add cheats to the game. But finding a functioning cheat and trainer software from a reliable source is often tiring. That's one of the drawbacks of using third-party cheating software. But if you really wish to manage your campus in your own way, these solutions are the best to go extreme in cheating.


In short, Two Point Campus does not have in-game cheats or codes that you can enter into a game console. Instead, the game comes with a Sandbox Mode that allows you to change most of the mechanics and starting currencies.

Installing third-party trainers to the game is also among your options. Certain software on the internet allows you to change the game modifiers directly. If you are okay with using third-party solutions, it is possible to cheat in Two Point Campus.

Cheating software allows you to get infinite money, energy, Kudosh and other in-game elements as well.