How to view all YouTube comments you've posted?

How to view all YouTube comments you've posted?
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How to view all of your YouTube comments? Here's your guide on viewing your comment history on the video platform.

YouTube is an integral part of the internet. It is also an inseparable part of our digital routine. From gaming videos to how-to guides, the video giant is expanding its domain each day with more than 2.1 billion monthly active users. It also has various features like allowing you to view your past activity.

Checking out the old comments you've posted is a great feature as it allows you to come back to a great video that you've forgotten about. It can also evoke nostalgic feelings when you see a comment that you posted years ago.

In this guide, you will learn how to view all of your past interactions on the video platform.

How to see old comments you've made on YouTube?

Follow the simple steps below to view your old comments on YouTube. You can see the watch, search and comment histories on a single panel. First, log into your account and open the homepage.

  • Click on the three lines at the top-left corner of the screen.
how to see old youtube comments
  • Click on History in the navigation menu.
  • Select Comments on the menu on the right side of the screen.
how do i see my old comments on youtube

This button will redirect you to My Activity page of Google. The page will show you all of your YouTube comments in chronological order.

how to view past comments on youtube

You can easily delete the ones by clicking on the remove button. It is also possible to go to the video page and see the replies made by other people. You can edit a previous comment by opening that video page as well.

This is how you can find all of your past interactions on the popular video platform.

Where can I find all of my YouTube comments?

As we mentioned above, the activity page will display the full list of the comments you have posted in the past. You can type the to URL and open the page without having to navigate from the homepage.

The activity page shows you the date of the comment and the title of the video. It also offers a remove button that allows you to delete it.

That being said, this tool does not allow you to narrow your results by filtering out and deciding on search parameters. It means that finding an interaction from, let's say, 6 years ago will be quite difficult. You have to scroll down and make the page load another batch of past replies, which takes a great amount of time.

How to delete all YouTube comments at once?

If you want to remove your digital traces on YouTube, you will have to delete all of the comments one by one. Unfortunately, it is not possible to delete all the replies you've posted at once.

Instead of a bulk deleting option, the video giant offers to hide your channel to make your interactions invisible. While a single option to delete all comments would be quite useful, YouTube not have that feature in its arsenal. You will have to hide your channel to make all of your replies and interactions disappear.

How to see all YouTube comments on your channel?

If you want to view the replies coming from other people, you need to open your channel dashboard. Follow the simple steps below to view all of the interactions your channel received from other users on the platform.

Go to the homepage and click on the profile icon at the top-right corner of the screen.

Click on YouTube Studio in the dropdown menu.

Click on Comments on the left side of the channel dashboard screen.

This section will show you all of the interactions and mentions your videos have received. It is possible to filter out some of them by the ones you haven't responded to as well. Channel comments and mentions screen is more complex and offers more features compared to the My Activity page.


Here's how to view all YouTube comments that you've made in the past. Whether you are a user or a content creator, the simple guides above should help you see your past activity on the massive video platform.