The Best MultiVersus Character to Play in Season 1

The Best MultiVersus Character to Play in Season 1
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Who is the best MultiVersus character to play in Season 1? Here are the most competent fighters of the game in the first season.

MultiVersus will introduce new iconic faces in the first season. The smash-hit platform-fighter will be adding Black Adam, Stripe, Rick and Morty to its character arsenal. While we do have a MultiVersus tier list, it will definitely change as the new fighters are on their way. Currently, the leaks indicate that Wicked Witch and Beetlejuice will arrive in the future.

But before MultiVersus character roster expands, we have answered your questions on the best character to play in Season 1. Let's dive in and find out all about the most competent and versatile heroes of the game.

Who is the best Character in MultiVersus Season 1?

The best characters in MultiVersus are the ones in the S Tier.

Do note that the characters in S Tier often changes in other guides. But most of the gamers would probably agree that Bugs Bunny stands out most among other characters in MultiVersus. For other character guides, have a look at our guides below.

That's because this clever bunny is a jack of all trades. From his ACME rocket to unstoppable aerial attacks, Bugs Bunny has become the go-to option for best MultiVersus players.

Batman is also one of the best characters to play in MultiVersus Season 1. The Dark Knight of Gotham is top-tier even after receiving a couple of nerfs. Thanks to his high mobility, Batman is a highly dreaded opponent that you wouldn't want to see in matches.

MultiVersus Season 1 Character Guides

Alongside some MultiVersus tips and tricks to give you the upper hand, we have also prepared a series of fighter guides for the popular fighter game. Have a look at them below to find out all about the perks and the skills of the characters.

The best perks guide will make sure that you make the most of the character in the arena.


Here's a quick guide on the best fighters of MultiVersus in Season 1. With the arrival of Rick, Morty, Black Adam, and Stripe, the balance between the characters will change in the upcoming days. MultiVersus character leakers have also found voice files on new characters.