What to do with Sawdust and Stone Dust in V Rising?

What are Sawdust and Stone Dust used for in V Rising? Here's what to do with these items.

What to do with Sawdust and Stone Dust in V Rising?
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What are Sawdust and Stone Dust for in V Rising? Here's what you can do with these crafting resources.

V Rising is the new smash-hit title coming from the developers of Battlerite. The vampire survival action game has been in the early access period since May 17th. Though it managed to sell more than 1.5 million copies on Steam, becoming a huge success for its developer.

Stunlock's vampire action invites players to become vampires and raise domains from the ground. In the process, players must focus on gathering resources and building structures to improve their settlements. But creating a vampiric domain requires lots of crafting and storage management as well.

That's where we see lots of Sawdust and Stone Dust. These two common materials come after players refine Lumber and Stone in their workshops. Though these crafting materials keep getting stacked and they do not seem like they are useful for anything. This is why players are wondering what is Sawdust and Stone Dust for in the game.

They are actually quite useful resources as you progress into the mid-game. Let's see what you can do with these piles of dust.

What is Sawdust for in V Rising?

As we mentioned earlier, you will have a massive amount of Sawdust as you collect Lumber and craft Planks.

Sawdust is used to craft Paper in the game. You probably have not seen a crafting recipe for Paper, though. That's because you need to unlock a certain structure called the Paper Press.

Paper Press allows you to craft Paper by using Plank Fiber and Sawdust. With these two items combined, you can craft a ton of Paper that will help you unlock new blueprints at the Research Desk and the Study.

what to do with sawdust v rising

We recommend you keep storing your piles of Sawdust as they will come in handy in the later stages of the game. Simply craft a stash to store them with Fiber Planks. Keep them in the chests until you build a Study and the Paper Press.

How to unlock Study in V Rising?

Study is an essential structure to your castle. Similar to the Research Desk, it allows you to get recipes for better equipment. You can also unlock new decorations, recipes for potions and iron weapons in it.

how to build a study

But in this case, we need the Study to build a Paper Press. And the blueprint of it is protected by the boss called Nicholaus the Fallen.

  • Head to your Blood Altar and track Nicholaus the Fallen.
  • Make sure that you have at least 37 Gear Level.
  • Nicholaus is a 37 V Blood Carrier and he yields the blueprint for Study.

After you slay him, you will get Toxic powers as well. So that's nice.

How to unlock Paper Press?

Note that you will not able to unlock Paper Press right away. Even though you slay Nicholaus the Fallen and build a Study, you will have to discover the recipe for Paper Press during your vampiric adventures.

Keep collecting Scrolls to discover new research or recipes for certain items at the Study. Every 75 Scrolls allows you to make a single discovery. Though there is no guarantee that you will get the blueprint for the Paper Press.

how to build a paper press

After you unlock the blueprint, use 12 Planks and 12 Copper Ingots to build a Paper Press in V Rising.

After you build a Paper Press, you can use Sawdust and Plank Fiber, ultimately allowing you to open up space in the settlement's storage space.

What is Stone Dust for in V Rising?

As you gather Stones and grind them to get Stone Bricks, you will also have piles of Stone Dust waiting in your storage. Like Sawdust, it is also an important crafting reagent to craft new items and repair your current gear.

what is stonedust for

Players can use Stone Dust to craft Whetstone, which is an important material used on lots of occasions. From gear repairs to crafting other components, you will need lots of it during your vampiric adventures in V Rising.

So it is best to have a chest to store all your Stone Dusts. Almost everything in V Rising can be useful. So we do not offer you to get rid of these items in the early game.

Here's what Sawdust is for and what to do with Stone Dust in V Rising. Here's what they are for and what you need to know about them. We listed everything you need to know about these items.